List of advantages and new features of PHP5.x will helpful for PHP Developers to upgrade their skills  to PHP5 development platform.

Advantages of PHP5.x

1.Rewritten MySQL extension

2.Robust support for OOPS

3.Advanced SOAP implementation

4.Clean error handling with exceptions

5.Suite of inter operable XML tools

Here is some new features in PHP5.x compared to PHP4

1.Object model is completely rewritten in PHP5.x So it perform better than PHP4

2.In PHP5.x new reserved keywords are almost related to the object model (php_user_filter, exception, final, interface, extends,implements, public, private, abstract, protected, throw, clone, try, catch)

3. In PHP5.x an object is not empty if it don’t have any properties

4.In PHP5.x array_merge() function accepts only arrays

5.Classes may need to be declared before being used

6.get_class_methods(), get_parent_class(), get_class() now return case sensitive result

7.strripos(), strrpos() use the entire string as a needle

8.ip2long() function returns FALSE instead of -1 (If you passed an invalid IP address.)

9.In PHP5.x functions defined in an included file can be used at any time in the main file. PHP5.x issue a fatal error if the file is included twice.